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GA-Z77N-Wifi opencore Boot Graphical Problem

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switched my GA-Z77N-Wifi i7-3770S (F3 BIOS) from Clover 5119 to opencore 0.6.3 (Catalina 10.15.7). Everything is just working fine. The system is connected via HDMI to an ACER Predator XB271HU 27"-Display using the builtin HD4000 graphics. But still have one problem, which I did not had using Clover.

When system boots I have opencore boot menu (text or Canopy) only with low resolution and 4:3 display support (very big icons in Canopy). Also Apple Logo comes with low resolution. Then after Graphics card driver load in apple logo boot screen, the screen switches to garbled apple logo screen with higher resolution. After that a garbled login screen is shown where I also can blindly logon. The screen keeps to be garbled. Then when I put the system into standby and wake it up again, the screen is okay. (see attached screenshots). The standby work-around is working in login screen or after it. When put to standby and wake up, the screen is okay. 
The settings in MacOS for the monitor are 1080p@60Hz. Tried already several things but no luck (ensure no CSM, Whatevergreen connector definitions, tried all opencore possible settings). But I do net get it fixed.

I must first go into standby and wake up to get proper screen after boot. I have no solution in combination with this monitor.  I think it is a frequency problem with this monitor, but I am not sure, because I do not have another monitor for testing. 

Perhaps somebody can help me figure out the problem and solve it. Attached is also my opencore config.plist.




How was it when you were using Clover?
That's because OpenCore is now mainstream, so there are a lot of issues and it will take a long time for developers to respond when they raise an issue to Git-Hub.

Thank you.

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