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load a SMBIOS.bin file with Clover

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Hi, Slice

I understood that this option is not planned

I already told you why I would like to have it:

I noticed that the SMBIOS even if it works is not really perfect as it could be, in fact I would say its look like like a big mess when dumped after being patched.

Also there is some changes that could be done to make it more compliant with Apple and which I understand are too specific to be taken in account by the bootloader.


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Sorry for the double post, it is the forum bug.


You can't just replace the binary SMBIOS.bin because there are many other dependencies.

Moreover it is dynamically created data by BIOS and may be changed from one boot to another.

It is Clover affair to correct all of them by the method invented for Clover.

If you want something more then you may compile Clover by yourself to change SMBIOS as you want.

Thanks, Slice

I perfectly understand that some hardware modification and/or Bios settings will modify the SMBIOS data so it is required to create a new SMBIOS at every boot and Clover does it fine.

I will compile Clover on my own and see if I can inject an SMBIOS.bin file by modifying the code.      

Any clue/advice to do this?


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