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"apfs module start 1689"...

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Hi, I'm trying to install Catalina 10.15.7 on LGA775 (E8400) with OpenCore 0.6.3, but I'm having the "apfs module start 1689" problem.


To install on this Sony Vaio, I used a sata to usb adapter, because on the bios there is no AHCI option.

After install, if I keep using the hard disk externally, it boot with no error; if instead I insert the hard disk directly, it tells me the error, as in the photo.


Please help me, I've been trying for a week... thanks!




What IO controller is your old desktop computer fitted with? If ICH7, could be unsupported... Do you have any options for disk mode in BIOS, like RAID or is it IDE and nothing else? Of course, ICH7 would be very limited.


What's the chipset model/version? Are you using a SSD or a mechanical HDD (APFS not really suited for the latter)? SSD would somehow be wasted in IDE mode given the performance limitations (100MB/s maximum theoretical rate, no trim).


You should maybe consider one of those (cheap) SATA-III/AHCI PCIe controller cards to hook your/a SSD to.

Herve, sorry if I answer now... anyway, the pc in question is an "all-in-one" (VAIO VPCL11M1E). I/O controller is an ICH10, and the chipset is Intel P43. I am using a sata HDD, but I cannot use a SATA-III / AHCI PCIe controller cards, because being an all-in-one, it does not have PCIe. 

Now I am trying to use the dosdude1's patcher to install. What do you recommend? Thanks

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