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Itunes replacement app with similar functionality?

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I have delayed updating my MBP to the more recent OS because I did not want to lose the ITunes app.

I would like to eventually update...but before I do I want to have some of the same functionality that iTunes had, as it pertains to my own/purchased/ripped from CDs music.

Specifically, I would like to be able to modify songs like we could in iTunes, such as being able to adjust a song length. Example: a song with a long intro, you were able to adjust the start point in a (submenu) to play the song skipping the intro. Or adjust the song length in general...another example (this maybe TMI) but I have some playlists that are parts of songs that have heavy/fast guitar riffs that I use to push through workouts...I’m hoping to find an app to keep this functionality.

Does the Music app allow for the above described functionality?

I have searched the internet hoping to find an app that I could use but cannot find anything specifically addressing this functionality...

I appreciate and assistance given.


p/s: Sorry I can't post in the Mac Applications section

Hi-ho MLeonard,


If I'm reading correctly, you haven't upgraded to macOS Catalina/Big Sur yet, and you're wary about what'll happen when you lose iTunes in the upgrade, is that right? Apple may have discontinued iTunes, but they didn't scrap it entirely. All they did was break iTunes down into three separate apps; one for music, one for videos, and one for podcasts.


In my personal experience, my Music app still has everything that iTunes ever did; playlists, custom start/stop times, the iTunes store (now Apple Music,) the works. Not as much has changed as you might expect, not even the folder structure. My iTunes library directory is completely unchanged; the apps even still draw from the same iTunes library files. The only thing really different is that there are three apps to work with instead of one.

Bee tea dubs, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you should know that macOS Catalina moved the iDevice sync properties from iTunes directly to the Finder. It still has pretty much exactly the same functionality, except to access the sync menu, you click the iPhone/iPad in the Finder's sidebar as if it were any other hard drive.


But, if you're looking for an alternative to what was once iTunes, VLC Media Player is a solid choice. This may be unrelated to your post, but one leg-up VLC has over Apple's native media player I noticed is that VLC can play a greater range of file formats than iTunes and Music/TV/Podcasts.


I hope this helps. Just be sure to take the word of an expert over mine, should one decide to chime in. I may have personal experience using Catalina and Music/TV/Podcasts, but I'm no software developer.

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