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(SOLVED!) Asus tp412u OpenCore, no touchpad and battery indicator

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EFI.ziphi all,

I had a rather smooth installation of Big Sur on my ASUS VivoBook Flip TP412U (i7 8550u) with OpenCore.

Many things work fine (or almost fine), I have wifi and sound, USB ports work etc.

But I cannot get the battery indicator to show up and my touchpad isn' t working at all.

I tried various ssdts and kexts (like ssdt-batt.aml for battery and Voodoops2controller for touchpad) but nothing worked. The keyboard works fine though...


My efi folder contains the following:

(I did not include AirportItlwm.kext in the Kexts folder because the .zip was over 10MB and I could not upload it)


Any ideas?






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My laptop is the same model as yours and I would really appreciate it if you would patch the working DSDT for the trackpad! Thanks

My laptop is the same model as yours and I would really appreciate it if you would post the final working EFI! Thanks.

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Hello, my laptop is not Asus, but the touchscreen is USB-HID also,... and I can't make it work. Can you tell us the Vendor ID and Product ID of your touchscreen?

You can get it from the System Information app, in the USB section. In my Yoga 460, it is 056A/504a (Wacom pen and multitouch sensor).

Thank you!

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