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GA-Z170N-Gaming 5: Won't Sleep Automatically


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Installed MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 on GA-Z170N-Gaming 5. I have everything working except automatic sleep.


  • Sleep/Wake (Except for automatic sleep)
  • Audio
  • Video Hardware Acceleration (RX580)
  • Airport (Replaced Wifi card with BCM94360NG)
  • Ethernet
  • USB 3 (XHCI Handoff enabled for USB and USB 2.0)


The only issue I have with this system is that I cannot get it to go to sleep automatically after it is idle. I have 5 minutes set in Energy Saver for putting the system to sleep, and while the monitor does go to sleep, the computer never does. Putting the computer to sleep manually from the Apple menu works fine.

Attached is a copy of the output of lspci (before I replaced the wifi card), an export of IORegistryExplorer.app and a zip of my CLOVER folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Update: I have been able to get automatic sleep kinda working, but not sure what thing I changed may have caused it. I used pmset -a to disable hibernate and I removed EmuVariableUefi-64.efi. However, automatic sleep works ONLY once per boot. After I wake the system from sleep, it will not go back to sleep automatically, however putting the system to sleep via the Apple menu still works.


Update: I noticed that after I wake the system from sleep, the RGB on my CPU fan no longer works... Any ideas?





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