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Gigabyte Z490 Master. EFI For Big Sur 11.0(20A5395g)

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Hi All.

Im Happy to share my new EFI file that I put together  18/10/2020. which got me up and running 11.0  Beta(20A5395g) on my hack

a thanks you to everyone who's work I have use to assemble this EFI File. and the help I have received from this site

I have used openCore 0.6.3, sound work for me (HDMI) and onboard Ethernet. map the usb ports as you wish.

the definition to iMac20,2

hope it helps all who need it

PS. Please leave a comment if the EFI File is helpful to you:)

(No Kexts were Harmed in the making of this EFI)




GigabyteZ40Master.EFI.(20A539g) .zip

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