Hi everyone 
This post is more concerning all our current and futur Just Joined members. Back in the days we had IPB v3.x.x software version, we implemented a quiz to prevent spammers from posting their articles. But since the last forum upgrade (to IPB v4.x), the quiz plugin needed to be completely recoded from scratch for Invision Community 4.x but never seen the light. As a result, it allowed all our Just Joined members to post and create new topics almost over the whole forum... including spammers. So to overcome the problem related to the absence of a quiz to counter spammers, I just created a new group promotion rule that will move all members from Just Joined group to Newbies group once they reached 10 posts.
But that this rule can make sense, I also removed all forum access (from creating new topics and replying) to the Just Joined group except New Users Lounge section. So for asking for help, please do it in that section 'till you reached Newbies group level.
With that move, it will not prevent spammers from posting but at least their content(s) will be condensed in one and only area, which would help us to better deal with them.  So before you ask why you no longer are able to post in a specific area, this is why.   Of course, once accessed to Newbies group, you'll also have some restrictions but it should be more in accordance with the permissions you currently have. But as reminder, to have a full forum access, you need to reach full Members group level (50 posts). Thank you for your understanding. BR fantomas