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Feature Requests to make Open Core even better

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Hi guy's, youse are doing a fantastic job with OC

Some feature requests:

1. Seperate kexts into Os numbers like clover, e.g Kexts15 for Catalina

2. Seperate the simbios info into its own plist, make it easier to implement it

If I have any more I'll let you know

Keep up the GREAT work fellas


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1. We have MinKernel/MaxKernel, and you can put kexts to any subfolder you want relative to Kexts directory, so I believe it is already there.

2. There was a request previously, but it is hard to align this with vaulting functionality. Currently we do not have that as a priority (see https://github.com/acidanthera/bugtracker/issues/717).

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