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High Sierra or Mojave for Hackintosh?

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to Hackintoshes and in process of building one. Whatever I have read or heard about Hackintoshes is that "most" of the times you are stuck with the version you've build it, upgrade process can be "painful".

Since Mojave is around the corner, shall I wait for Mojave or go ahead with High Sierra? Just looking for your thoughts, maybe I am missing something which I don't know yet (about Hackintoshes). proton black friday


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By far and large, updating and upgrading OS X and macOS versions on Hackintosh has been a very easy and straightforward process for many years now.


You appear to be several years behind because High Sierra was replaced by Mojave back in 2018 and Mojave was itself replaced by Catalina last year; it's Big Sur that's now about to get released. Selecting you target version depends entirely on your hardware though if you have an Ivy Bridge or Haswell platform at minimum, you'll be Ok with any recent macOS versions starting from Mojave 10.14. High Sierra is the last version that officially supports older C2D/C2Q platforms, older AMD/nVidia GPUs (eg: Tesla/Maxwell/Pascal) or older Intel iGPUs (eg: 1st gen Intel HD/Sandy Bridge HD3000).


With Big Sur 11.0, Apple brought a lot of changes and, indeed, that one is difficult to install so you may want to skip it for the time being and stick to Catalina (or High Sierra according to your hardware).

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