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Hi :)


I recently built my 1st ryzentosh.

I also used Opencore (0.6.1) for the 1st time and followed the install guides on Dortania.


Now I need to map my USB ports and apparently it's not achieved the same way on AMD platforms compared to what I was "used to" on Intel platforms.


The guide on Dortania is a bit confusing to me since there is information that is not clearly labelled as "for Intel" or "for AMD" and I thus don't understand very well what I should and shouldn't do.


Can anyone give me advice or point towards as comprehensive tutorial intended for AMD-based builds.


Thank you very much in advance for your help.




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The USBMap utility from CorpNewt has pretty good support now for AMD - it should be pretty similar to Intel now. For my Ryzen system, I used the port limit patch in OC to make sure all my ports were in macOS, then started plugging stuff in and filling in the map w/ CorpNewt's utility. I wouldn't recommend leaving the port limit patch enabled long term though, just long enough to do your USB mapping.

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