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Editing Config.plist using Dortania guide

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Hi there. 


I'm mot entirely where to place this post as I couldn't find anything specific to editing the config.plist.




Specifically, I'm stuck at this point:


Users of FixHPET will also need to merge oc_patches.plist into their config.plist

Steps to do this:

  • Open both files,
  • Delete the ACPI -> Patch section from config.plist
  • Copy the ACPI -> Patch section from patches.plist
  • Paste into where old patches were in config.plist



Having gathered and extracted all necessary files, I can't find 'patches.plist' contained in any folders. I might be misreading things entirely, so I'm sorry if this is the case.


System: Intel Xeon E5-2680v2, SuperMicro X9SRA, 32GB RAM ECC 1666MHz, Samsung 970 EVO 256GB, Nvidia Quadro K600



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Solved. Found in ~/SSDTime-Master/Results/. 


As I'm running a Xeon system (therefore defined as HEDT/Server you need to manually edit your DSDT. To convert your DSDT.aml (binary) to a DSDT.dsl (code) using iasl, it needs to be run as sudo/root

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