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Catalina Install Blackscreen... (No Errors)

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My Specs: 


Asrock H170 Fatality 

HD 530 (No Graphics Card) 

SATA3 SSD (Samsung 860 EVO) 


My EFI: https://filebin.net/yz3al9r4aqqnhqhb/EFI.zip?t=cw7foke8


No Errors during Verbose mode, but screen just turns off after logging in done. 

I tried to change system definition to iMac 17,3, and changing booting variable. 
Also, I changed ill and WhatEverGreen.kext version and clover bootloader version.


What should I do to prevent black screen...? Please help me...

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You're installing Catalina with add-on kexts placed in E/C/kexts/10.15 AND E/C/kexts/Other (where I found the most recent versions of Lilu & Plugins). You really should one OR the other, not both or you're likely to place kexts in the wrong place if you don't fully master how Clover operates. Given that you're booting Catalina, I guess Clover will inject kexts from 10.15 and ignore Other...


3 x comments regarding your Clover config:

  1. you drop CPU PM-related SSDTs; unnecessary and undesired to me.
  2. CsrActiveConfig set to 0; that's very incorrect to me, you should set it to 0x03 or 0x67.
  3. you use the agdpmode=pikera boot parameter. Why?

I also noticed that you placed the source code (.dsl) of a table called SSDT-PNLF in your E/C/ACPI/patched folder. Given that it's source code, you do realize it's of absolutely no use, right?


What output port do you use for your external screen? VGA won't be supported... There should be no issue with DVI, DP or HDMI.

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