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My Simple theme OC + OpenCanopy Generator

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1 hour ago, MacNB said:


Very nice.

May I make a suggestion ?

Since you have the Apple logo as a "badge" for the OS type for the macOS, may be "other" OS's could have their own badge under the drive image  ?

See attached example for Windows



Great suggestion thank you I will do this

  • 2 weeks later...


The theme style is simple and beautiful. But I replaced the Resources folder, and Config also added OpenCanopy.efi. The settings are shown in the figure, but the restart is still the text interface. Did I do it right? Please teach me the method! Thank you!



8 hours ago, fryysyd said:

Thanks. But still only text interface


Is it related to the OC version? I am using version 0.6.0, what is your version number?

Reset NVRAM 

Please this topic is not dedicated of OC setup

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