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OC 0.5.8 and USB External HDD Slows Down Booting

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Hello all,


I have successfully installed OC 0.5.8 in my machine with Asus Z390-A Prime, i5-8400 and RX560. 


This built previously running using Clover, and recently I moved to OC which I am very satisfied with the improvement specifically the faster booting time.


However, one issue I have had ever since using Clover and now also in using OC is with my USB HDD. I have a WD MyBook external HDD, that when I connect to the machine, it slows down the boot considerably. While if I disconnect the HDD, the boot is faster. In more detail, when the HDD is attached the booting process seems like halted (that makes the screen goes temporarily "no signal" and all white before then coming to the apple boot logo), while if I dont have the HDD attached then no white screen and no "no signal" message (i.e. BIOS beep, black screen, then apple boot logo in quick succession). Similar thing also happened when I used Clover in this machine. 


I am guessing that it is because the scanning that is done during booting? Anything can be done to have OC only scan my main boot drive therefore boot faster with the external HDD attached? I am only using this machine with macOS exclusively. 


Thank you in advance for any advise given.



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