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As u might have seen i had posted like 2 days ago asking, why when i was booting through -x that when it starts up that the computer just shuts down with in few seconds. I know it works with my hardware because i got it to work a few months ago, but had to format the drive for other reasons. And i can't boot up normally because i haven't got in, without being able to remove all the ati drivers etc. Well i don't know how much this helps but i got of picture, first at the darwin boot screen i put in -v -x. And i guess that shows what happens when going through safe mode. At the end it just says CPU halted and shuts down, it also says volume checks failed. Seeing that i formated the the whole hard drive with what had OSX was on, and u know did all the steps diskpart in windows etc. Then copied the image from cd-bootable linux. But i still have this problem what do u guys think? The hard drive is on the primary IDE slot, but its a slave, i have the CD rom driver as Master, do u guys think thats the problem?


Here is the picture:





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