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EVGA GTX970 to 1060 or 1660

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Hi I have a dual boot HP Z620 working great, or just as good as W8. I would to change video card to something that will not require any kexts or work-arounds, because as I said it works perfect for me

sleep, restart, shut down, and acceleration. One of the fans stopped working causing the other one to run very loud, in a computer thats almost silent. I think EVGA 1060 should would work with no fixes.

but price per performance wise, Evga 1660 is the way to go. As I said the maschine works perfect for me including dual 4k monitors. I dont want to buy a used card and find out it dos not work like xfx.

Thinking of buying EVGA Gtx 1660 dual fan, but would like to be sure.

The nVidia Web Driver has no support for cards beyond Pascal generation. So, any Turing card would be a complete waste of money as far as macOS is concerned. Sierra's Web Driver support for Pascal cards started at 10.12.4.



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Thank you for your quick reply. Does that mean gtx 1660 wont work? and gtx 1060 will work with out additional kexts, just

replaced? sorry I'm not a tech.

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That's what "no support" means, yes; No Turing card will work in a Hackintosh, there are no drivers.


Also, given the relative-only performance difference between a Maxwell GTX 970 and a Pascal GTX 1060, you may want to spend your money on a 1070 or a much beefier top-end 1080 model such as the GTX 1080Ti instead...





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About the 1660 I understand now. I almost brought one this second. so thanks! An HP Z620 is a pre-configured work station it doesn't take 

well to the power demands and size restrictions of 1070 or 1080. The reason Im asking these questions is not to much people have sleep restart

working on these machines. I mite try to get the same Evga gtx970 with 3 display ports 1 hdmi 1 dvi 

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