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Mojave on Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140


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CLOVER.zipCLOVER.zipDell Venue 11 Pro 7140





Intel Core M 5Y71


Intel HD Graphics 5300


Intel Broadwell-U motherboard


8GB Ram




Dell DW1850e WWAN + GNSS GPS


Intel Wireless 7265 + Intel Bluetooth











Mojave 10.14.6


What works

  • Native Power Manager (Generate Plugin type)
  • Full Graphics with QE/CL
  • Brightness (Add PNLF in Config.plist or DSDT Patch) — (Brightness slide bar)
  • Touch Screen, and Pen (DSDT Patch + Voodoo I2C, I2CHID satellite KEXT)
  • HDMI output with hot plug (Lilu + WhateverGreen)
  • HDMI Audio with hot plug (Lilu + AppleALC) no Layout-id needed
  • Front and Rear Cameras
  • MicroSD slot - O2 Micro (I use Adding Arbitrary under Devices in Config file Method) Ref, Post #6 by Jake Jo https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/7346-applesdxc-driverdsdt-patch-for-o2-micro-sd-card-readers/
  • Battery Indicator (ACPIbattery by Rehabman)

——>To utilise both battery, SSDT (by Rehabman) is needed in order to combine 2 batteries as one.

  • Travel Keyboard Dell K12a001 (USBinjectall KEXT)
  • Native Keyboard keys (Brightness, volume keys)
  • WWAN card Dell DW1850e (OOB)
  • Bluetooth



What doesn’t work



  • Sleep Wake — I have no idea how to fix it as it is required DSDT patch I guess.
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • Audio

---> Realtek I2S Audio (PG0.35 for DELL)


In DSDT entries is HDAUDIO\\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0282&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_1000\ Which indicates ALC282


Audio ALC3263 (As it shown in BIOS) - Broadwell rt286 - Card1/Codec#0 (Utilised in I2S Mode) there is nowhere in BIOS to change to HDA mode). Drop OEM HDA and Fix HDA don’t do anything, still show 3 HDMI Audio outputs. If there is a DSDT patch to force HDA Audio mode, Please do enlighten me.

As a result Internal Speaker, Internal Mic, and Headphone Jack doesn’t work.


  • Touchpad on Travel Keyboard Dell K12a001 (Should work with DSDT Patch with pin configuration) I have no idea how.
  • Obviously, Intel Wireless 7265 AC. For experimental purpose. https://github.com/daliansky/XiaoMi-Pro-Hackintosh/issues/330 — Knock yourself out. I managed to get it work for awhile but the real problem is kernel panic so I gave up. Ordering compatible card instead.



Config.plist got it from Rehabman laptop config.



BIOS version A20




- Legacy Boot Rom




- Secure Boot


- TPM 2.0


- Vt-d




SMBIOS - I use MacBook8,1. —- MacBookAir7,1-7,2 (Min Freq is at 1.2 GHz) MacBookPro12,1 Min Freq is at 800 Mhz and it is the default this cpu should be. Again, there is a way to set it right somewhere in this forum.




-->> DSDT Windows 8 patch


System sees only one I2C Controller which control Touch Screen.

Touch Screen registers as Magic Trackpad 2.

Pen as Mouse


-->> DSDT Windows 8.1 Patch


System sees two I2C Controllers which control Touch Screen and Accelerometer.

Touch Screen registers as Magic Trackpad 2.

Pen as Mouse


OOO>>> With Windows 8.1 patch which it should run with this one because it can see more of HID devices and controllers.


Problem is Accelerometer (SHUB).

Device can automatically rotate screen as it should be BUT it flips the screen wildly even with slightly movement. It stops only when device stays completely still. Eventually it breaks internal screen graphic. It becomes grabble. I restored internal screen graphic by connecting it to external monitor and set rotation of external screen to 0 degree. Then it is back to normal. (I guess it conflict with rotation setting) I disable SHUB in DSDT.




  • During Installation process Full Graphic acceleration can be activated straight away by Lilu and Whatevergreen.
  • AppStore, iMessage and, FaceTime activate by NullEthernet and SSDT by Rehabman
  • USBInjectAll needed for keyboard and other usb peripherals. Use other tool to keep certain ports active as Rehabman mention this KEXT is not good for a long run.

Please do Correct me if I did something worng. Or any suggestions to make this thing runs better.



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Hi cixque,

I have recently installer Mojave and Catalina on my Dell venue pro 7139 (i5 4300y). 


I have some common problems...touchpad does not word in anyway...but I have functional Audio...you can test the voodooHDA kext contained in my package.


I'm being crazy for touchpad...how can we solve this issue? 



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Hey oniba


I triied VoodooHDA but it doesn't work. as I searched on the internet there are many people can't get this ALC3263 workng as well.


I attached a screenshot the result of using VoodooHDA


HDMI Audio is definitely on HDA 

but onboard sound is on ACPI , on I2S mode or whatever it called. 


Your model is Haswell mine is Broadwell. Can't find anywhere to switch to HDA mode in Bios - Yoga 3 and Spetre 360 definitely have this option n bios.


 I am using bluetooth headset instead.




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On 5/27/2020 at 6:15 AM, flow711 said:

Hey, did you try Catalina? and also fixed the not working features?

thanks for answer.

I have not yet to update to Catalina. 

I main Problems right now is Audio. I really can't seem to get it working. Only HDMI audio that is working.

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