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OS X 10.8 installer won't get past Apple logo (VMware Workstation)

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Hi there,

So I'm trying to get an OS X 10.8 VM running on VMware Workstation, with the hopes of upgrading to 10.15 later. However, no matter what I try, attempting to load the installer will always result in getting stuck at the Apple logo with the pinwheel mouse cursor. I've tried a whole bunch of methods to get it working (such as messing around with the smc settings and changing the guest OS settings) but so far, none of what I've tried has worked. Trying the same thing with my Mac OS X 10.6 DVD has led to a similar result.


Is there anything else I can try to get things working?


I'm running Workstation version 12.5.9 on a Linux host, using VMware Unlocker 3.

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