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Nvidia Driver not loading/working on main GPU (GTX1080)

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The Driver seems to be loading in, it's ticked in Nvidia Driver Panel, NvidiaWeb and nvda_drv=1 are both on, InjectNvidia messes with the VRAM displayed (which needs to be the right value apparently) but i don't have any acceleration, launchpad is laggy, dragging windows is laggy and dvd player doesn't have any supportedfeatures (except for sound) a


obviously my 2nd card (which i use on windows for my 2nd monitor, it's a GT710) works out of the box, it has acceleration and is working fine


now i haven't tried removing it yet, it has worked with both GPUs before (before i had to reinstall because of issues) and i can't remember what i did in order for it to work



specs: Xeon X5650@4GHz; Asus P6x58D-E; 16GB RAM; GTX1080 (main 1440p 144hz monitor, g-sync so uses DisplayPort if that's a reason) and GT710 (secondary 1080p 60hz monitor); 10.13.6 17G11023 on a SSD


Clover down below just in case, maybe someone has more knowledge than i do with clover and the web driver so i can get it fixed, thank you in advance


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