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macOS on KVM and XCode and iPhone USB passthrough?

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I'm buying a Ryzen 7 2700X and I want to run the latest macOS with KVM on Ubuntu. I found out https://github.com/kholia/OSX-KVM,  which pretty much simplifies everything.


However, before buying the Ryzen, I'd like to know if XCode works, if the iOS simulator works, and if I can pass the USB from an iPhone to inside the VM and use in the xcode.


Have anyone did that? I couldn't find youtube videos about xcode on KVM, just people doing macOS on KVM. I left some comments but no one replied.


I know about macOS licenses and everything, I don't want to publish apps, just learn and troubleshoot apps for other people.


Also, can anyone give me recommendations on macOS on KVM on Ryzen? Anything I should know?


I'm planning to use a GTX 1060 to pass to the inside of the macOS later. Anyone did that already? If not possible, which GPU on the same price range can I use?

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