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9900KF with 5700XT freezes any time I let it sit idle for 5 minutes

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I have my second i9-9900K Hackintoshtosh up and running I tried using the new 5700XT this time I used a sapphire card as I have always had good luck with them. This one works great except for one HUGE problem as long as I'm working with it it is fine but if I let it sit idle for 5 minutes it will freeze at the e 5 immune mark EVERY time without fail.


I have the boot argument:



as you can see it seems to star drawing more power and there is some GPU activity then boom at the 5 minute mark every time it locks up.


Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming


Samsung 1TB 970 PRO

Sapphire PULSE 5700 XT 8GB

Broadcom BT WIFI card

ASUS 10GB Ethernet





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I found the solution with the help of pastrychef over on that site that all not be mentioned


the solution was having all of theses boot arguments:



system has been running for several days without a reboot or freeze.

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