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How to learn qemu/kvm knowledge for hackintosh build?

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Hi everyone!

I'm very , very interested in how to build a hackintosh via virtual machine like qemu/kvm.


First I want to introduce myself.

I'm currently a medical student ,medium IQ (107) , without sufficient knowledge in hardware , linux system ... etc.

Due do some inevitable reason , I start to build my dream touchscreen hackintosh , hackintosh tablet.

However , after awaring of the limitation of hackintosh laptop , such as soldered wifi card (on some newer models) or couldn't use discrete graphic card , I think maybe its time to learn how to use virtualization to build hackintosh.

I know that this is extremely difficult for a layman to learn qemu/kvm and other background knowledge , and I might don't have enough time to maintain my build for I might spend over 100 hours working per week in hospital , at the future.

However , if it is possible , as a hobbyist , I'm willing to squeeze hours in the weekend to learn the background knowledge , asking for help in many forums , test my build (even that might takes me several years to finish it.)


Asking my question with sincerity , I want to know

  1. Is it possible for me to learn how to making this build? (As a hobbyist , making a whole year plan to learn the suff and finish it is sustainable .)

  2. What should I learn??? I will be very appreciated if you tell me what I should learn , step-by-step ; or where I should start?



The specs below is my dream hackintosh "laptop"

  1. touchscreen with active pen support (to me , the touchscreen is a must!!!!!)

  2. discrete graphics card support


Thank you.

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