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Dell XPS 15 9560 4k Struggling for perfection

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Hello everyone!

I'm returning after a few years of break.
I wanted to make my "MacBook Touch 15", after following some tuts I've already managed to create a bootable usb drive with High Sierra - as I need nVidia acceleration for Maya.
My current config is the i7 model, 4k touch display, 16gb, 500gb ssd. I'm just wating for my new wifi card to arrive.
I ordered the DW1820A BCM94350ZAE, as it's the cheapest, most compatible wifi card out there?
After I get it running I'm planning to upg[rade to a 1-2 TB ssd drive and 64GB of ram. 
For a quick start I copied the EFI content from gunslinger https://drive.google.com/open?id=14jX_o1t4Kvz7rSL2VMtc5tMBe23w1hg-

I`m a perfectionist so I want to make it as native and clean as possible (with some help of you hopefully) :D 
Any suggestions / help, really appreciated!


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