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UEFI Booting


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Hi guys.

My mobo is a mini ATX Asus P8H61-I/RM/SI,  it has a UEFI bios.

I am currently dual booted, with windows 10 and Catalina,  Iinstalled both as UEFI, or so I thought,  I of course installed clover as UEFI.

So all refi partitions are present with windows boot manager in one and clover in the other,  my bios however,  only recognises the windows 10 drive as a UEFI boot option,  it sees the Mac hdd as a standard hdd.

So with clover UEFI installed, clover will not load,  it just hangs at a flashing white cursor in the top left of the window,  if. I reinstall clover as NON UEFI, with the boot0af sector installed,  it will then boot as legacy.

I am using the standard clover from their page, I've tried all the latest versions.

I can't work out where I'm going wrong, my UEFI bios sees all windows installations as uefi, but its not recognising Mac OS as UEFI,  

any help would be appreciated, I really want to get UEFI booting on Catalina.

Any help please, am I missing something?? 

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