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Infinite reboot loop second phase mojave install

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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, this is my first post here. Machine specs and BIOS at bottom. clover zip attached. Any help is appreciated.

This is my 3rd hack and by far the hardest one so far. I've been able to reach the language selection/mojave installer and finish the first phase of the install ~ 5-7 mins. Once it reboots like it should the first time, I boot back onto my USB and choose 'Install Mac OS from Mojave' (Mojave is my ssd name). If I'm installing on APFS it starts at 13 mins remaining then gets to 12, waits for about 1-3 minutes and restarts. If I'm installing on HSF+ it starts at 15 mins, gets to 13 and then restarts. It will do this repeatedly and never make progress towards finishing no matter how many times i reboot.


Things I've tried:

  • different USBs

  • both catalina and mojave installs

  • recreating the mojave USB incase the installer file was corrupt


  • Why InsanelyMac does not support for tonymacx86

  • mapping my ram in properties -> memory

  • swapping aptiomemoryfix for aptiofixdrv3

  • APFS and HSF+ install drives

  • multiple framebuffers/ig-platform-ids

  • spoofed platform id/fake ids for ig

  • old and new versions of clover bootloader

Lenovo Thinkpad p53:

  • Graphics: Intel UHD P630 / Quadro RTX 5000 MaxQ / 4k display

  • MOBO:Lenovo 20QQS44R02

  • Chipset: Intel CM246

  • BIOS Version:N2NET33W (1.19)

  • Ram: Samsung DDR4 2666 32GB x 2 - model M471A4G4MB1-CTD

Bios settings:

  • Network stack IPv4 and IPv6: disabled

  • always on usb: enabled

  • graphics: hybrid

  • controller mode: AHCI

  • VT-d: disabled

  • security chip TPM 2: disabled

  • execution prevention: enabled

  • kernal dma protection: disabled

  • secure boot: disabled

  • intel sxg control: software controlled

  • uefi/legacy boot: both

  • CSM Support: yes

  • quick boot: diagnostics


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