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Trying to patch dsdt to turn off nvidia gt520m

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Hello, I am trying to set up macos on my previous laptop since I can't use my macbook at the moment. It has the optimus technology, gt520m + hd3000. It is an Asus A53S (K53). I am getting error when I patch the dsdt, could you help me?



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Optimus technology is not supported on Hackintosh (because Apple use(d) their own proprietary hardware solution for dual GPU).


GT 520M is Fermi and, as such, won't probably be supported or properly supported beyond El Capitan. Since you're trying to install and run macOS (i.e. 10.12 and later - you did not specify), you'll be forced to run on HD3000 iGPU only and that was last supported under High Sierra 10.13. There are special tricks to get HD3000 partially supported under Mojave and Catalina (no Metal Support, OpenGL-only graphics acceleration) but these can lead to some graphics limitations and defects affecting performance. They're also more and more complicated to apply, especially after macOS updates.


My recommendation is therefore that you:

  1. stick to High Sierra 10.13 max.
  2. disable nVidia dGPU through dedicated SSDT (you will find ready-made one on Hackintosh forums)
  3. configure Clover for HD3000 and related SMBIOS
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Thank you very much for your kind help. I will stick with 10.13. I tried to disable my ssdt but I was getting a compile error. I tried to find a ssdt of the same laptop, but I did not find it since there are a lot of models of this one. 

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