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Lenovo Yoga 2 (11)

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Hi everyone, fairly new to hackintosh, These are the specs of the laptop:


N3520 Pentium

Intel HD4400




I know pentium isn't supported but the GPU is a Haswell(?). I was just wondering if I can do a hackintosh with it?

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Highly unlikely.


Pentium N3520 is Bay Trail, not Haswell. As far as I can tell its iGPU is not HD4400 but Intel HD of Atom CPUs. Check the iGPU id but, afaik, this is not supported by Apple's OS. So far -and I doubt this changed with recent versions- OS X and macOS have had no support for Bay Trail platforms, especially iGPUs.


Whilst you could most certainly install OS X or macOS on the laptop, you would find it'd have no graphics acceleration, thus making the Hackintosh barely useable. You'll find videos on Youtube that show this.

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