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ASUS MSR 0xE2 Register unlocking

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Hi all.


I had a look at all the forum sections & wasn't sure where to post this as the guide I'm following is Closed so I couldn't post my questions there.


I am following the great KGP's guide here :: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/331703-how-to-build-your-own-mac-pro-based-on-broadwell-eep-haswell-eep-and-x99-successful-buildextended-guide/?tab=comments#comment-2570747


I was originally looking at another one of his guides but this one seems a bit newer/updated.


In section "B1.) ASUS Mainboard BIOS Patching"

I have done the instructions & got the return messages in terminal just as the guide shows, & successfully made a patched BIOS file which I renamed according to my motherboard model & used the patched BIOS file to flash my motherboard BIOS using BIOS Flashback just as the guide shows. My original BIOS  I was on was 1802 & my new patched BIOS is 2101.


Can someone PLEASE tell me a way to confirm that I have successfully unlocked the MSR 0xE2 Register ?? 


KGP's first guide I was reading into involved UBU & MMtool to unlock/patch my BIOS CPU Microcodes but I think that method is outdated now??  As this guide I posted the link to doesn't use UBU & MMtool to patch/unlock but instead uses CodeRush's UEFI patch to unlock MSR 0xE2 Register. 


Thanx for your time,



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n.d.k thanx for your reply.


Is it possible to confirm if it's indeed unlocked without Clover ?   Any other method ?




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