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Is possible to install El Capitan to Macbook Pro 15?

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I have at home new Macbook Pro 15 named 2.2 - it was manufactured in 2007.

I want to install there El Capitan, but support of this OSX version there's missing.


Is possible by any way to install on this laptop El Capitan?


Thank you for all help, suggestions, replies and comments.


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If you have this MacBookPro 15" 2.2 (MBP3,1) of 2007, i.e. with Nvidia GeForce 8600M graphics, it natively supports El Capitan! It should be available through AppStore and/or Software updates as long as you run at least Snow Leopard 10.6.8. If it runs an older Mac OS X version like Tiger or Leopard, you'll have to purchase Snow leopard or Lion or Mountain Lion from Apple and install the purchased version to then be able to upgrade to El Capitan free of charge.



You can't go beyond OS X 10.11 due to the CPU model (C2D Merom generation) which lacks the SSE4 instructions required since macOS Sierra.


Just in case, the other 2007 Mac models are listed here.


If your model is in fact one that does not support El Capitan, go to MacRumours; they have dedicated threads and tools to run OS X/macOs on unsupported platforms since ML era.


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Ok, it's totally different then. I thought you had a MacBookPro 15" 2.2GHz from 2007, hence the MBP3,1...


Pardon my French but the MBP2,2 is today an old and obsolete relic and, as you saw at everymac.com, its last supported OS is Lion 10.7.5. From ML onwards, Apple switched to 64bit-only kernel and only Mac models with a 64bit EFI can boot these OS. Your old MBP2,2 has a 32bit EFI so it cannot boot any 64bit-only OS X version.


You're coming quite late after the storm but all this was looked at back in 2012 when ML was in development (DP2 onwards). There are a few tools that will allow you to bypass the 32bit EFI limitation (eg: SFOTT which stands for SixtyFourOnThirtyTwo) and install ML and some later versions on your old MBP2,2. Look this up at macrumors.com where they have dedicated threads for each OS X/macOS version entitled "<OS version> on unsupported Macs".


With the ATI X1600 dGPU, you may be a little luckier than those who had a Mac model with Intel GMA 950/GMA X3100 graphics. Nevertheless, do not expect that everything will work properly with an officially unsupported OS X version on your MBP2,2. The T7400 CPU model is not a problem, it's supported up to El Capitan for sure. The rest may not be or not properly (eg: graphics acceleration, sleep/wake, wireless, audio, etc.) and it's all but a negligible aspect to consider...


Good luck!


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