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OSX86.net taken down?

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On 10/20/2019 at 9:03 AM, Qwels said:

This Community is Not Available

Please contact the community owner for assistance.


Dead ???

OK, so now that we've restated the obvious--at what address can we "contact the community owner for assistance"?  Anyone on this forum have contact info?  The "Community Not Available" page doesn't give any.

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Is someone going to respond to these requests? Someone on this forum has contact info. A lot of these hackintosh communities are inter-related to one another.

Fortunately, I saved a lot of my posts as .PDFs over the years because i knew this site was dying long ago... We all saw it coming. But it would be nice to get some of our documents.


Oh and an email to the forum admins prior to just ripping down a site would've been nice too - thanks

You're complaining in the wrong place; obviously InsanelyMac has nothing to do with osx86.net being down or taken down. I'm pretty sure that people who are members here and operated as modo out there know no more than you.


Again, feel free to try and contact the owner, Chris, via the FB page; he posted a phone n° afterall...

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