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[How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

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The 4.5.7 made kernel panic when connecting.

I can use the stick with 4.5.10!


Thank You!!! :-)



I got a Minitar USB wifi stick and it has newer Zydas ZD1211 drivers (version

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ok... my intel 3945abg card is beeing dedected now :) (and it shows the proper mac adress)


What did you do, what driver, where did you get it from?

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ok... my intel 3945abg card is beeing dedected now


hi ludacris how could you make it? can you pls tell us step by step? thanks


does it connect as well??

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Hey everyone,


I downloaded the Iwi2945ABG driver yet it makes leopard crash, anyone else havs this problem??


How do I work around it??



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I have a D-link DWL-122 (not "DWL-G122"). I'm sure its chip is PrismUSB, I downloaded the driver and installed as indicated. But the driver only seems to work on 10.4.x. On 10.5, it doesn't work, any solutions will be appreciated!


my system: Leo4all 10.5.2


sorry for my English!

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hy. many people as me have zotac new mcp97 chopset with usb wifi that is mounted internal on the motherboard

it is maybe a VIA chipset.. is strange for me.. i never seen about via chipset on usb..

but i tried zydas and others.. the system profiler report unknown uninstalled driver!

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I can conect wi-fi ONLY if the network don´t have password, otherwise i got connection error...


Can anyone helpme, thanks!!!

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I can conect wi-fi ONLY if the network don´t have password, otherwise i got connection error...


Can anyone helpme, thanks!!!



any help for ralink ra2561st on 10.5.8 pci card

for Canyon CN-WF511

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Hi Folks, my first try with hackintosh, with a dell 1310.


the situation is, after install in a disk patition, the OS seems to work, and the wireless (intel 3945 ) shows up green.


But, despite of connecting to the home network, cant get to browse the internet.


The router is a TP LINK WR642g.


The windows machines are working fine.


I appreciate any help/sugestion.




UPDATE:by the way, i DONT have the AIRPORT thing.... is that to bad?

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I successfully installed iPC 10.5.6 onto my Dell Dimension C521, but I cannot get my Belkin F5D7000 wireless card working. I had it woriking on a previous install with the same distro by using mcsmart's bcm43xx enabler script, but I ran into a problem trying to fix the screen resolution which caused me to reinstall. My wireless card is recognized by the System Profiler under the PCI Cards tab (says driver not installed) but not under the Network>AirPort tab. My device ID (14e4,4320) is also in the info.plist file from AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext. Even after reinstalling without using the script, my device ID is there which I find strange...

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Thanks for the Tutorial but i am not getting it at all, is it possible someone could write the .kext for my Asus WL-138G R1.20 i have managed to get this


"Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Marvell W8300 802.11 Adapter [11ab:1fa6] (rev 07) 00:0a.0 Multimedia controller [0480]:"


Is it possible you could write the ,kext for me and send it to me via email/Personal message?


WOuld be most grateful




Email me here!


My Wireless devices


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I still have two annoying problems with my wireless. My rig is EX58-UD5, i7 930, Realtel 8187 chip USB b/g dongle.

  1. It's slooooooowww. The AirPort card in my MacBook Pro gets me 10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. However, with my Realtek RTL8187 USB dongle, I get 1.5 Mbps download and 0.5 Mbps upload.
  2. The adapter doesn't show up as a wireless component in Network Preferences and the Realtek Client Utility thing has to run on every startup. Just annoying...



Thanks in advance.

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I'm new at this, but I finally got my system up and running (10.5.6 iPC on a AMD Athon64 x2 wich I'm about to update to 10.5.8 via iDeneb Combo update)... all I'm missing is the wi-fi connection wich is my only way to internet...


I own a RT61 pci card but there seems to be no support for this card... so I'm intending to buy a Linksys Wmp300n Wireless-n pci card... wich according to the wiki's database, works OOB....


All I'm asking is: Can anyone actually confirm me that this card works OOB? How did you all make it work? does it supports a/b/g and n networks? (I only need b/g)... is it recognized as airport? I know I'm problably off topic but I have no idea where to post this and my best choice was this... Thanks to you all in adavance!

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I got a D420 (dell latitude) running fine OSX 10.6.7


My problem is i installed the osx with an intel 3945 wireless card (not recognized) and then


i purchased recently a generic broadcom 4311 to use it.


the card is seen in the bios, i covered the pin 20, the osx see the card (with OSX Tools utility as 14e4:4311 ), i fiddle a lot with the IO20211 kext (installed ) changed the en0 to en1 in NetworkInterfaces.plist, but no way, i cannot get the Airport stuff to be detected as network card.


in network i got also Bluetooth, Firewire and the wired ethernet, all working fine.


when i use the System Profiler i see Airport (under network) , with the IO80211 Family 3.1.4(314.1.1) loaded, but in Hardware, i see only one ethernet card (the Apple BCM575 on en0).


when i check logs, it seems the IO20211 kext failed to load AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext (libkern/kext) dependency resolution failure.


this could means something is missing or not the right version, but i have absolutely no clue about the cause.


Any Idea ?



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nosys, SL and Lion uses different filenames, check it


SL - AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext

Lion AirPortBrcm4311.kext


Just rename it, and it'll work, I did that.

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Hi guys, i have a Broadcom BCM43225 Wi-fi Built in.

Now a quick google search followed by osx86 led to other peoples threads. there is no successful story for this chip even though its broadcom.

I have tried most tutorials of adding my device id to the info.plist in the airportbcm but it doesnt work. Furthermore, other solutions such as scripts or kexts like this dont work. the only things that made me remove macintosh was this and audio. my laptop is a intel core i3 emachines e732z laptop.


If anybody does find a solution please inbox me. Thanks

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ZyXeL NWD-270N works fine too on my hackintosh, you can download the drivers from the internet. Works fine.

However, you get a kernel panic if you don't try and click the very left tab on the program as soon as it starts, don't know why.

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