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A brief review of the new MacBook Air

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Hello everyone,,

I've bounced around on small laptops for most of my life (12" G4 PowerBook to 13" white plastic MacBook to ThinkPad X301 to MacBook Air 11-inch to MacBook 12-inch to Macbook Pro 13-inch) and have really settled on macOS and the Apple ecosystem (the OS is nice, iCloud storage for photos/contacts/calendar is nice, Time Machine backups are nice, etc.).

I bought a refurbished 2017 MacBook Pro 13-inch (touchbar model) about 3 months ago to upgrade from the 12-inch MacBook. The touchbar is kind of useless and I've had to train myself to use ctrl+[ instead of the escape key in vim because touchbar escape is annoying, but otherwise it's been good.

I was super excited about the new Air because it seemed like the laptop I really wanted a few months ago (light and small like the 12-inch MacBook, but with a larger display and an additional port). So I ordered last week with the intention of replacing my MBP.

I ultimately decided to return the Air, and this is why:showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ vidmate 

The screen isn't quite as good as the MBP (doesn't get as bright and the colors seem more washed out)

The trackpad feels kind of {censored} for some reason compared to the MBP. Identical settings but the click feeling isn't the same.

As much as the gen 2 butterfly keyboard has been scandalous because of dust or whatever, the gen 3 keys (on the Air) feel mushy as hell. I would probably get used to them but I honestly kind of like how loud and clickety-clackety the gen 2 ones on the MBP are and am just keeping my fingers crossed I don't have any issues with them.

The Air is barely smaller or lighter than the MBP. I kind of don't notice a difference when I pick them up, and I like the uniform form factor of the MBP (vs. the tapered shape of the Air where a lot of the weight is concentrated toward the far side of the keyboard).

The MBP's CPU is a lot better and I might want to play games or something on this since it's my only computer

Having ports (and 4 of them!) on both sides of the laptop is pretty convenient for charging on either side

I just thought I'd share this as someone who was fully intent on selling my MBP and moving to the new Air, and found that it wasn't really worth the trade-offs. The battery life on the Air would have been a big plus, but I also didn't think the benefit was worth it.

The Air kinda just feels like a blown up 12-inch MacBook with nothing exciting or new about it, so I'll be sticking with my MBP.

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