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HELP: Installing High Sierra on a Dell Latitude E6510

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Yesterday I came to the brilliant conclusion that I wanted macOS on my Dell Latitude E6510. After looking on the internet a bit, I just tried the following:

1. Download macOS 10.13 on my Windows PC (Have no Mac :( ) using gibMacOS (a random utility that download macOS straight from apple and creates a Clover usb)
2. Make a usb flash drive with Clover using the same utility
3. Add FakeSMC
4. Set BIOS to AHCI and UEFI
5. Load it! <---- This is where things got rough

First I got a prohibited sign, looking at the config file this was because the SMBIOS settings were set to emulate a iMac G5 bios. After editing that, the installer continued loading until the +++++++ and then it just restarted without error.

Anybody got an idea why it might restart?

System Specs:

Intel Core i7 M640 @ 2.80Ghz
120GB Kingston SSD
1600x900 Display
8GB of RAM

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Followed that guide, installed all kexts and copied that config but it still only gets to +++++++ and restarts. What could be the issue?

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@1337ftw Your first post indicates that you enabled UEFI.  Carefully review the thread that @Hervé referenced here.  You'll need to enable Legacy boot, not UEFI and you'll need to scroll to the end of the thread to get the latest DSDT.  I never converted the thread to a beginner's guide, so you'll need to read the entire thread to make sure you've followed all the necessary steps.


EDIT: I have updated the first post of this thread to include the most current state of my fully working E6410.  The config files attached to the first post now include my latest DSDT and other files necessary to create an E6410 HackbookPro6,2.

Edited by tonyx86

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