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HELP request: High Sierra on DELL Optiplex 7770 (i9 9900 - NO USB2.0 ports)

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Hi there!


I'm trying to install High Sierra on my brand-new DELL all-in-one Optiplex 7770 following a "vanilla" path.

I've prepared a USB thumbdrive with the latest (5070) Clover in the ESP and the usual "4.hfs" High Sierra Recovery image

dumped into a separate 3GB "AF00"-type partition.


I couldn't be able to get into the installer, since the root filesystem was on an unsupported USB3.0 port (my machine lacks

any USB2.0 ports). Then, I created a 3GB temporary AF00 partition on the SSD and, using a custom EFI folder (found

somewhere for a Z390 Aorus Pro), I was able to get the language selection menu in full 4k resolution...


both the mouse and the keyboard (which have their dongle in a USB3.0 port) didn't work at all.

Is there any kext or patch I could try for my machine?


Thank you in advance!



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