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Need Assistance Please New x299 System

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Good evening,


I used to mess around with iATKOS back in 2011, I since have been out of the loop and have gone through several different PC's.

Now I have built a new PC and would like to install High Sierra to my external SSD.

I have gotten as far as installing clover and the .raw image to my USB stick but I am getting stuck on the +++++++++++ then reboot problem.

I realize a LOT has changed and I am having a bit of trouble figuring it out. 


My PC's specs are as follows:



            Intel Core i7 7820X



            32GB Ballistix RGB Tactical Tracer (by Micron)



            EVGA X299 FTW K



            NVIDIA RTX 2070 (EVGA)


            4TB Western Digital HDD
            1TB Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB
            480GB Micron SSD


If someone can help point me in the right direction that would be amazing, I have tried using some of the efi files for different x299 setups and such but no luck same results, played with different boot flags and options but everything is so much different I don't really know what does what. 

I would very greatly appreciate if anyone can point me to some reading or a specific set of files to get me past this error as I haven't the slightest why it is even doing this. Mind you the last time I played around with this was back in 2011 with iATKOS and CD's, I have no CD drive in this build and need to do this via USB and as I understand this is 100% possible I just need the right boot setup and settings.


Thank you in advance,


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