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Bootloader for BIOS?

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I need to find botloader for BIOS.

Reason is simple: I have installed OSX and Linux.

Linux bootloader cannot see (U)EFI bootloader and never boots into OSX, it can can call bootloader but Grub is written for BIOS and calling is impossible. Selecting OSX causes only reboot.

Exist any OSX bootloader for BIOS?


Thank you for help, reply or comments.


Thread title correction

I am not quite sure if I understand you correctly.

You can't boot OS X from a PC natively. However, bootloaders like, for instance, Clover will let you boot OS X as well as windows and linux.

So, to have it clear:

1. installed OSX

2. installed Linux

3. Grub bootloader active - choices 1. Linux / 2. OSX

4. at OSX selection it only reboots instead entering OSX bootloader (default - not Clover or other)

5. reason: Grub cannot see (U)EFI so cannot load OSX bootloader



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