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System shuts down at boot

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After several problems with High Sierra on APFS, I decided to do a clean install with HFS+ file system. Install went well, and I was even able to update to the latest 10.13.6 build with most recent Security Update. I then installed the latest compatible NVIDIA drivers, and I was able to boot with no problems. The next day, I powered up the system, and while it was loading, it suddenly shut down. I booted in verbose mode and was able to get this image. Not sure what it means, and I didn't find related terms in the forum. Hope someone can please help me figure it out.


Thanks in advance.

screencapture verbose mode.jpeg

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1 hour ago, MaLd0n said:

u can try repair via single user

Thanks for your reply. This would be my first time working with it. What should I do once I boot into single mode?

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