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HDMI not working on Dell Latitude E5440 running 10.14.6

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Finally I finished the installation of 10.14.6 on my Dell E5440. Everything works just fine, but HDMI will not work. Every time I plug it in, it causes a grey screen on my laptop monitor. Also on boot up. I attached my EFI Folder, maybe someone can help me. I searched a bit and read something about Azul Framebuffer Kext.


Thank you for helping.






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All seems Ok in your Clover Properties injection, though a zipped copy of your IOReg output would help to verify this. Maybe you should just remove that old and now unnecessary _DSM method in the IGPU section of your patched DSDT.


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Hmm... on looking closer, I'm doubtful about some of those device properties injection you've configured in Clover for your HD4400 iGPU: it seems you want to set FB@1 to connector-type HDMI 00080000 and FB@2 to connector-type DP 00040000; yet, IOReg shows them both set to 00080000. I don't believe you apply the necessary patches to the Azul framebuffer..


If you look into layout #12 0x0a260006 of 10.14.6's Azul framebuffer kext, you'll see:

0600260A 01030303 00000002 00003001
00006000 00000060 D90A0000 D90A0000
00000000 00000000 00000800 02000000
30000000 01050900 00040000 87000000
02040900 00040000 87000000 FF000000
01000000 40000000 0F000000 01010000
04000000 00000000 0E000000 00000000


Now, it's long been known and documented (here for instance) that, in order to get HDMI output working on mobile HD4200/HD4400/HD4600 (including audio), the following patch needs to be applied to layout 0x0a260006:

             \/     \/
find:    01050900 00040000 87000000
replace: 01051200 00080000 87000000
             /\     /\


Try the following:

  1. remove or comment out all those "framebuffer-con..." entries you inject as device properties in your Clover config
  2. add the following Azul framebuffer on-the-fly patches to the Kernel & Kexts Patches of your Clover config
Kext: AppleIntelFramebufferAzul
Find:    0600260A0103030300000002000030010000600000000060D90A0000D90A00000000000000000000000008000200000030000000010509000004000087000000
Replace: 0600260A0103030300000002000030010000600000000060D90A0000D90A00000000000000000000000008000200000030000000010512000008000087000000


I'm pretty sure your HDMI output will be fully functional thereafter.


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I tried it but it didn' work. Instead of a grey screen there's a blank screen. Maybe Im to dumb to inject the Kext properly. Can you inject it for me?

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What do you mean "inject the kext" ? All you have to do is what I listed in my previous answer. I'm sure you can perfectly do that on your own...


Is your E5440 fitted only with Intel iGPU or does it have the nVidia dGPU too? In case you have the dGPU model, it may well be that HDMI is wired to the dGPU.

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Now it works. I patched the Framebuffer and the gpu with coping the on the fly patch from another config.plist that I downloaded from osxlatitude.com.

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