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SATA kext / Still waiting for root device

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Posted (edited)

I can not manage to install Catalina on this legacy Asus machine that runs Mojave fine. When the installer boots up, DiskUtility does not see the internal hard-drives, neither the master SATA one or the the slave, ATA one. I have discussed this already on the Clover section with Slice, he told that some kext seems to have changed from Mojave to Catalina, he told me to use IOReg. Since then, I have postponed my work on Catalina due to the issues regarding the Mojave supplemental updates.

I have decided to start a new topic in here, due to visibility reasons and some new turn. The latest version of the dosdude1 patcher for unsupported Macs, discussed on Macrumors forums, patches the installer so that DiskUtility sees the internal hard-drives, I am able to install Catalina but, on first boot, the OS gets into a kernal panic with the message ”still waiting for root device”. I have searched online for this error, I have found Information regarding previous macOS versions with solutions that seem to have little to no relevance for the present issue.

Before installation finishes, I receive a message like ”Installation finished on Macintosh HD Data”, instead of ”Installation finished on Macintosh HD”. I admit this split between the two in Catalina still confuses me, perhaps this is how it was suppose to be? Perhaps something that was suppose to end up on Macintosh HD ends in Macintosh HD Data?

I admit the DVD-Rom and hard-drives are wired kinda of weird by some guy in a PC service, he said this is the optimum combination, something the ATA hard-drive is slave to the DVD-Rom. Perhaps this causes confusion into Catalina? On Mojave this configuration was fine. 

Probably the solution suggested by Slice is the best, to replace one or more kext from Catalina with the Mojave versions of them. I do not know yet how to identify and replace them. If any other solutions seem possible, I am open to them.


Asus P5P41TED motherboard.

Intel Core 2 Duo E 8500 

2 gb ram DDR 3

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Posted (edited)

From what you said, I can only get the content of the EFI partition from the pen drive and the config.plist from it. I need guidance to do the rest, But first I guess need to re-install Mojave on the machine, in order to get some information (like from IOReg). I use FakeSMC, the Realtek Ethernet kext and Voodoo PS2 kext added in Clover. Clover is installer almost default, I just add to install Clover in the ESP. After putting the kexts on the EFI kext folder, I edit the config.plist via Clover Configurator to add verbose mode and Inject Nvidia. That is about it.

I am not familiar with the EC patch, I have watched mostly the Macrumors thread on unsupported Macs for Catalina, so far. This issue is present on Catalina patched with the dosdude1 method, since vanilla Catalina installer does not see the hard drives at all. (Even if I have had upgraded the GPU was talked a while ago and got Mojave vanilla to work, at this point I would still be forced to use the dosdude1 app in order to get the Catalina installer to see the internal hard-drives).

What I am trying to do is pretty tricky, since it is based on two methods used to install Catalina on different unsupported hardware. Probably I would need to get a way to make the internal hard-drives visible without the dosdude1 app. especially since on the Macrumors thread I could not get any answers.

I have just finished another attempt to install, this time on Macintosh HD Data. The same error.

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In previous macOS editions, there were some problems with hard-drives invisible to DiskUtility, solved by adding some kexts in Clover for SATA. I have not found any Information on this for Catalina, if I could solve the issue of invisibility of the hard-drives in vanilla Catalina, I could drop the dosdude1 patcher. 

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I have created the installation pen drive two times, first with the RMC patch, that behaves like vanilla Catalina, with hard-drives invisible on the installer (EFI1) and the second time, with the dosdude1 patch (EFI2), I shall attach them to this thread. 

Also saved a file from IORegistryExplorer 3.0.2 on Mojave, on next posts I shall attach the EFI portion content in both situations. I do not know all the technical details because I had not need in the past to use them on the configuration, but I am willing to learn what I need to make it work. 

Note that AHCI is probably the only options, since I see no option in BIOS to change it and  High Sierra and Mojave worked without ever having to worry about it.

@Hervé Is that file what was needed?

Vyzantine’s iMac. IO!.ioreg

EFI1, from the RMC patched Catalina. 

EFI 1.zip


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