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[GUIDE] Lenovo ThinkPad P50 Mojave 10.14.6 ( Xeon , 4K , ... )

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Hello Everyone ,,


I'd  like to share with you my experience with Lenovo ThinkPad P50 ( EFI , and Installation Process with some tips ) Hopefully to be useful for anyone who own Lenovo ThinkPad P50 


Before start I want to show you my device specs , and I'm  sure 99% this will work too with any P50 have different spec. specially Intel i7 CPUs:


- Intel Xeon E-3 1535 v5 ( P530 Intel HD Graphics )

- 32 GB RAM

- 256 GB SK Hynix Nvme SSD pc401 hfs256gd9tng-62a0a - for Mac OS  ( be careful not all nvme ssd are compatible)

- 256 GB Samsung Evo 850 SSD - for Windows 

- 4K Screen 

- Nvidia Quadro M2000M 4 GB ( Useless - Disabled )

- Intel WiFi Card ( Should be change to a compatible Broadcom one )




I highly recommend this steps before going to BIOS SETUP according to my experience with this Laptop :


      *( Update your BIOS Firmware to the latest one using windows )


      *( Remove Battery , Open the back cover and unplug the small CMOS BATTERY for about  4~5 minutes and put everything back again )


       * ( Remove any SSD HDD Nvme disks , USB , DisplayPort , Dock .. etc during installation, keep only the target Disk )



Now Power your PC and Press F1 to enter the BIOS SETUP


   - Reset BIOS to its defaults

   - Adjust Date and Time 

   - Config ----> Network ---> Wake Up on Lan ( AC Only )

                                                   Network Stack ( Disabled )


  - USB ----> USB UEFI support  ( Enabled)


  - Display ------> Total Graphic Memory (256 MB)

                               Graphic Device ( Hybrid)


  - RAID -----> Disabled


  - Security -----> Security Chip Selection ( Discrete TPM )

                               Secure BOOT ( Disabled )

                               Intel SGX Control ( Software Control )


  - Start Up ------>BOOT Priority order ( USB HDD - Mac OS Disk - Windows - and so on ....... with this order )

                               UEFI/Legacy ( UEFI Only )

                               CSM Support  ( NO )



**   F1 to Enter Bios - F12 for Boot Menu

***   Delete the EFI Folder in your Installation USB and replace it with the Attached one 

****   Generate new serial for SMBIOS MacBook Pro 13.1

*****    If your CPU is XEON then go to Config.plist CPU Section and Add 0x05A5 under Type ( Fix for Unknown CPU )

****** You can delete boot-args "brcmfx=1 & brcmfx-driver=#a" if you want , I used it in my case with 1820A card to fix wifi issue

******    After you successfully installed OS , now Copy the same EFI Folder to your main EFI Boot Disk Partition 

*******    Now install all the attached KEXTS to "Library / Extensions"  using Hackintool.app or by any method and rebuild cache and repair permissions

********    Check and compare the KEXTS in Library/ Extensions and Delete the repeated ones from Clover / Kexts / Others ( Important don't duplicate the same kexts here and there )


FYI : LiluFriend.kext include ( Lilu , WhatEverGreen, AppleALC , AirportBrcmFixup ) All In One 




You are Done 



What is working :


- 4K Intel HD P530 2048 MB 




- Keyboard and TouchPad 

- Battery indicator 

- Display Brightness 

- Sleep 

- DSDT has been patched , USB Ports modified only to MacBookPro 13.1


             See the Screen Shot 


Important Notice For Future OS Updates Installations 


To avoid Kernel Panic during install any future updates process please remove ( FakeSMC.kext and LiluFriend.kext ) from Library/Extensions directory to Clover / Kexts / Others .

After update process finish put them back to Library/Extensions and delete them from clover . I hope this is clear enough



Happy Hackintosh , Let me know if you have any issue or difficulties during installation or later , I will try to help you




ScreenShot .png

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I make a try with approximatively same configuration 

Processor I7

built in wifi card (use External TPlink card)

Samsung disk


But first launch block on ACPI 

with infinite_loop


Any idea ? 


Mojave 10.14.6

Clover 2.5 r5058 

- Install for UEFI booting only
- Install Clover in the ESP

USB disk with MBR / Fat32 

  ~ diskutil partitionDisk /dev/disk2 MBR FAT32 "CLOVER EFI" 200Mi HFS+J "install_osx" R                  




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Use my EFI and delete DSDT.aml from Clover / ACPI / Patched 

Start your PC and press F4 to generate your ACPI and try to boot ...

If the problem still , then  remove your USB and copy your DSDT.aml from Clover/ACPI / Original to..  Clover / ACPI / Patched 

Try to boot now , after you successfully install OS , try to Patch your DSDT.aml 

Try also to remove SSDT.aml from my EFI 


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29 minutes ago, laruche said:

Look like good :) 

finally ! 

only the post instal
not the simplest either :)


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Thats all for today 

need to understand hackintool and postinstall now :) 


My wifi adapter have poor quality 

wich card do you install on your p50 ? 




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At the end P50 working like a charm

Even have a best benchmark score than my mbPro15 2017 :)


just try to find a solution to use second screen on it :) 

USB C -> HDMI  not ok

USB to HDMI -> any idea, try to find an adaptor


Built in wifi have to try :)  just need to find good chip



Capture d’écran 2019-09-05 à 10.19.05.png

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Hi @zkingtut and all the other ones as well!


First of all thanks a lot for your detailed post and sharing your EFI. 
I am trying to make a P70 (i7) of a friend getting a Hackintosh.


I got stuck at the boot menue. The situation is as follows: each time when I choose the boot stick the screen turns black for a second and jumps back into the boot menue. (I’ve setup the bios like describe in your first post.)


Maybe it has to do with the patched DSDT and SSDT, I’ve erased both of them in the patched folder.  Could it be that due to this the USB ports are not patched/working anymore?

Also, I didn’t get how to go trough that:

Start your PC and press F4 to generate your ACPI and try to boot...“

If the problem still, then  remove your USB and copy your DSDT.aml from Clover/ACPI / Original to..  Clover / ACPI / Patched

Where does it create the ACPI when the stick is not in the port (or does it create a DSDT.aml) and what to do next? I am confused...


Sorry, even with your very detailed explanation I am a bit lost and confused.

- Used your EFI (new serial and without DSDT and SSDT)

- Clover Version r5070

- Mojave boot stick 




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Boot your laptop from installation USB when you see menu and installation icon show up then Press F4 and shut down your laptop .

Now inside your USB  you have generated in this directory  ( Clover /ACPI / Original ) DSDT and SSDT

Use working system to just copy DSDT.aml from this Directory Clover/ACPI/Original to this directory  Clover/ACPI/Patched 



Post here your EFI Folder please to help you

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Alright, got it.  Thank's a lot!

First I have to get to the macOS installation screen but it doesn’t show up as described in my previous post: each time when I choose the boot stick the screen turns black for a second and jumps back into the boot menue. (I’ve setup the bios like describe in your first post.)


I think I have an issue wit my Clover boot stick, looks like the Clover Installation has failed. I will make it again this evening (it‘s currently 7am where I am) and also try to install high Sierra, maybe I‘ll have more luck with that!?

I will upload my EFI this evening. 

Do you think I have to change anything in the EFI for High Sierra?


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High Sierra or Mojave it doesn't matter 

EFI is the same 

What disk you use ? nvme ? If nvme make sure that is compatible 

Something else , I think I saw a thread on Reddit about P70 installation instractions 

Search google 



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