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Help needed install Mojave MSI Z390/i5 9600K/Intel UHD 630

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It's been several days since I tried to install Mojave on my computer (see the signature). But I have some problems, I arrive on the loading screen with the Apple logo, but once the loading bar filled, nothing happens. I start in verbose mode but as a beginner in the world of hackintosh, I do not see any error. I am attaching my CLOVER file (https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am7GRja4JERagT2IfA_-99l5EaVa?e=MeRDRW) and the results of the verbose mode. Apparently the problem will come from the recognition of the intel UHD 630 graphics chipset. If anyone has any ideas, it will help me a lot!


Last boot.jpg

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Thank you for your link. I used the Olarila app to download the EFI folder corresponding to my config. I then boot from the installation key, chose my SSD as installation disk. Restart on the installation key and in the chosen clover menu to boot to my SSD, I then fall on a loading menu that tells me that Mojave is installed on the SSD. Then I come across a screen that says "disk2s2: device is not readable" and it constantly reboots to always finish on this error. I do not know what to do.
But I must say that this is the first time I go so far in installing my hack.69780342_2373635812754491_4623178736731160576_n.thumb.jpg.90f274e5845a6f1e11cf213a35bdb29f.jpg69778496_732957087132602_2837280405332164608_n.thumb.jpg.7f1d35cb6e4f6ff1148c724966bad48f.jpg

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I'm now on the Mojave desk but I still have some problems. Firstly I can not start on the SSD without going through the USB key. Yet I mounted the EFI partition of the SSD and paste the EFI folder of the USB key in it.
The other problem is that the system only recognizes 5mb for the intel UHD 630.
Can the problem of starting the SSD come from its format? I explain, when I go in the BIOS of my motherboard it does not appear with the small logo "U" in the upper left of its icon, while the USB key and the Windows disk have it.

If anyone has a solution for these problems, I'm interested.



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is now HD630 allright ? or no


you need the patch using devices ->propriety :

-detection of HD630

-bufferframe to  set

-HMID, and DP fixe




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