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Clover no longer sees OSX after Windows reinstall

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Due to series of errors I ended up losing my Windows and had to reinstall. I am no longer able to see OSX on clover boot.



-  Dual boot Z390 board has been running perfectly for nearly 6 months.

- Windows (Disk1) and OSX (DISK2) are installed on 2 separate NVME drives

- DISK0 in the screen shot is an HFS spinne for time machine and general storage


Things I tried:

- Renamed bootmgfw.efi to bootmgw-orig.efi in efi/Microsoft/boot

- Copying bootx64.efi to efi/Microsoft/boott folder and renamed to bootmgfw.efi


Cleaning attempt:

- Restored bootmgw-orig.efi to bootmgw.efi

- Deleted every disk based copy of Clover and rebooted to confirm it went straight to Windows

- Used EasyUEFI to check there were no additional boot entries


Booted with my backup USB key and still only see Windows as a boot option. Anyone have any ideas?



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@modmike I have a pretty similar setup to you but with a 9900K instead and I am triple booting Windows 10, Ubuntu 18 and macOS 10.14




I was in a similar state a month or two ago when Ubuntu decided to update and grub wanted to take over my computer in place of Clover.


The first thing I would try if I were you is look for a backup of your EFI directory to compare it against the current. That way you can see what changed. Checking file size as well as timestamps can be a helpful indicator that something was updated. If you do find an old backup, make sure to backup the existing EFI mount point, and then replace it with the old one. I would probably generate a 3rd EFI directory that joins the two, one with all your latest Clover configuration, combined with the old EFI dir.


Check the boot and clover efi files most of all.


Alternatively, you can try reinstalling macOS, it should save your files without getting rid of absolutely everything, but I would do this as a last resort.

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