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Confused with SMBIOS and Native PM

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Hello. I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me understand why i can't get proper native power management with iMac19,2 SMBIOS.

So, my CPU is i7-8700 (not K). Base frequency is 3.2, turbo boost is 4.6. I'm running MacOS 10.14.5 with SMBIOS set to iMac19,2

The model of real iMac 19,2 comes with exactly the same CPU (i7-8700 3,2GHz). So it should be a perfect match, but it is not. I can't get a proper power management with this SMBIOS, my idle frequency does not go lower 1.30 GHz, but must go to 800MHz. I did everything : disabled Generate P/C states, set PluginType=true, BIOS settings set to DEFAULT, but it still don't go lower 1.3GHz.


Now, if i let Clover set my SMBIOS model, it set it to iMac18,3 which is 2017 line (pre CoffeLake!) and in this case my PM is working and CPU is idling at 800MHz.

I would really want to know why i can't get proper PM with iMac19,3 if it has EXACTLY the same CPU.

I would appreciate any help and ideas here. Thanks.

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