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Clover doesn't even detect installation.

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I Just downloaded a MacOS Sierra DMG installation file and Searched on making it boo-table along with the Bootloader (clover) in one USB and i used the tool (Bootdisk utility) it automatically installs Latest version of Clover and i got HFS file out of the DMG file and used it to (restore partition) and i got every kext i need in kext folder everything went smooth until i rebooted and wanted to start installing  but In clover menu when i boot from the USB, it can't seem to find any partition that gets me into the installer, Only my Windows partition. I'm completely lost now. I think the problem is with the DMG file? 
I'm not sure if its allowed to Provide links (forgive me if it is) but here's the place where i got the DMG file. 
https://www.torrentmac.net/macos-sierra-10-12-1-16b2657-installer/ (Yes i want sierra :) ) 

Also here's some imgs of my Partitioning and stuff

image.png.8a966d10b0b54e180db62c9482d1feda.pngimage.thumb.png.6d775c441ee6b29cbb32087cac3d542b.png image.thumb.png.59e45e4a8162a04b62bdfb0681fc2b59.png


Sorry if the quality is a bit messed up, Just used windows snipping tool.

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Posted (edited)

Don't just randomly download macOS images from the internet. 
Download macOS from another Mac or hackintosh. You don't know what the "author" did with the image.

If you're really unable to do so then there are options to download macOS from Apple's software catalog on a windows or linux machine; however since Sierra's installer app has been removed from the software catalog this process will only work with High Sierra+.


Here's a great guide that will get you through the above process:

May I ask why you want Sierra specifically?

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