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GT 740 Black screen with pointer at login

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Was trying to figure out how to fix when I boot into Mojave I get a black screen after the apple logo With Clover latest and Mojave 10.14.5.  If I unhook the dvi cable and plug it back in sometimes the login screen shows up and I have full graphic acceleration but every time I reboot or if the system comes out of sleep again it’s back with the black screen. So as I understand I need to patch my dsdt or rather make one first and edit Framebuffer. So I am a little lost and need help or pointed in the right direction as far as what I got to do.




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No worries guys. I went off topic bitching about not playing my Destiny 2. Anyhow I have tried every thing such as doing AGDP patches and EDID patches or Whatever Green and still all I get is a working pointer and that's it! Going to Best Buy to get an AMD card. Didn't want to cross the line and go AMD but I guess I have to. Hope the R5 220 will work. Its cheap at $40. They also have an RX 550 at $110. All by XFX.


Hope this works. Nothing like spending money..


Thanks anyhow.

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whatever green

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Well turns out the two AMD cards they had at bestbuy after some research are not compatible with Mojave. That includes the R5 220 Core and the RX 550. So I am going to stick with it for the long haul until I figure this out. Its got to be something simple. Anyhow pulled my ACPI tables and working on patching them. Lets see if that helps.

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Found a fix!!! But not sure exactly what was the cause but hot on its trail!!


Seems like my original Mojave Clover USB stick works without a hitch!!!


So I copied that back into my EFI folder on my main drive and now every thing is working very nice.


What was the cause?? I don't know and I don't think I care but I am curious...



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