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Wake issues since Catalina?

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What happens is:

When I press sleep from menu, or close lid, the screen will turn off and the machine will look to be sleeping. The fans eventually spin down and it's quiet. When I open the lid back up, nothing happens. Lid stays dark. Nothing will wake the machine back up, not pressing the trackpad, not pressing the power button. The only way I can get back up and running is to hold the power button and fully shut the laptop off (which is what I think caused my Finder issues). Interestingly, I did notice if I press the caps lock key, it lights on and off. Id assume this shouldn't happen if the machine is sleeping.  

I did check my DSDT, and I have a _WAK method in there, and in fact the DSDT I'm using was working just fine for sleep/wake in Mojave. Is anyone else having problems like this, or is there something wrong in my files?


Laptop is Dell Inspiron 11 3153

core i3 6100u

dw1560 wifi/bluetooth


I attached my debug files


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Well, obviously.  But I havent seen anyone else talking about sleep/wake issues so I wanted to clarify if something is up with my files (DSDT, kexts, config.plist) or if its just the beta being a beta.  If nobody posts about these things nobody will know there are issues.  

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Same issues here. Login screen freezes upon wake.


One would think they'd fix such issues before the public beta, but then again, this is post-Steve Jobs Apple...

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