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    • By Mkizle
      Hi all,
      My set up:
      Intel Core i7-6700 Skylake
      Asus H110M-A/M.2 Motherboard
      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
      16GB DDR4 2133MHz
      250GB SK hynix SL301 SSD (Windows)
      Seagate 1TB BarraCuda (Extra Storage)
      Samsung 850 EVO 1TB (OSX)
      So i updated to High Sierra 10.13 (17A405) from Sierra, installed the latest NVIDIA Web Drivers 378. and everything seemed to be working apart from sound which i fixed also, i updated for the sole purpose that the new web drivers allow me to use FCPX with no Metal engine issues and now 3D text is visible and i can edit with no problems however, while downloading content i would say the computer had been running for about 1 hour or a little more and it did this, see picture below (attached)

      Because i was downloading several files and i assumed they where still running in the background i left it like that as i estimated another 30 mins would be enough for my content to download until i hard restarted the computer to see if that brought it back, i didnt touch it but it restarted it self and rebooted back into OSX and it looks back to normal now, has anyone had this problem? is there a fix? this would be a pain if i was in the middle of editing a project and i suppose i wont be editing on the hackintosh until i can assure that this wont happen.
      Thanks in advanced.

    • By MacPeet
      This guide makes an installation of macOS 10.12 Sierra on a real MacPro3,1 or other unsupported Mac's or Hackintosh's possible!
      Edit: Update for GM post #9
        What we need for this: Atom.app or Atom Beta.App Flat Package Editor.app (from /Developer/Applications/Utilities/PackageMaker.app/Contents/Resources/) Download Install 10.12 Developer Preview.app   In addition: (All files are intended for MacPro3,1, possibly you have a grudge here your BoardID) Archiv1.zip Archiv2.zip   USB flash drive creation ( 8GB / Created flash drive with the BaseSystem.dmg method! does not work with the createinstallmedia method! ):   1. Restore BaseSystem.dmg from the InstallShield Developer 10.12 Preview.app out of your Program Files folder with the disk utility on the USB flash drive   2. Delete the simlink packages under "/Volumes/USB/System/Installation/"   3. Copy the original package folder from the Install 10.12 Developer Preview.app to "/Volumes/USB/System/Installation/"   3.1 optional: install Clover (only for Hackintosh and this Method)   4. Replace the InstallableMachines.plist in /Volumes/USB/System/Installation/Packages/ with from Archiv1.zip   5. Replace the PlatformSupport.plist in /Volumes/USB/System/Library/Core Services/ with from Archiv1.zip   6. Copy the OSInstall.mpkg from /Volumes/USB/System/Installation/Packages/ to the desktop   7. Open this by right-clicking the Flat Package Editor   8. Delete the file "Distribution" and replace with file from Archiv1.zip (Previously open possibly this file with Atom.app and edit your BoardID after)   9. Replace now the OSInstall.mpkg in /Volumes/USB/System/Installation/Packages/ with the file from the desktop   10. Now you can start, the Mac reboots with pinned Alt key and select your USB flash drive. Make here the installation on a free selected by you partition. The installation starts, then the computer reboots.   11. While it is booting Alt hold, so it will not boot into fresh Sierra. Instead, choose your example Capitan and ride high order.   12. Go here now in the Finder to the fresh Sierra HDD in /Volumes/Sierra/System/Library/Core Services/ and replacing there the file "PlatformSupport.plist" from the Archiv2.zip   13. That's it, do restart in the fresh Sierra and let the installation run through to the end.     Credits/Sources InsanelyMac root86 Slice for the Clover Bootloader Developers of Atom.app and Flat Package Editor.app and all the others   have fun
    • By JahStories
      This was the perfect solution for those who didn’t like standard cases, but still liked fancy ones, but then the new Mac Pro came out. This time it wasn’t in a usual rectangular desktop case but in a completely new form factor. Many users criticized Apple for its switch to a “closed platform”, as it was mostly non-upgradable and definitely strange. But no-one can argue about the incredible ability of Apple’s engineers to put two powerful GPUs and an Intel XEON processor with ECC RAM DIMMs, yet keeping the form factor ultra-compact. Only 25.1cm tall, a diameter of just 16cm and the best possible use of its shape to achieve an optimal airflow to get the best results. In terms of temperature, using just one fan, it’s pretty cool - literally!

      Until a month ago, building a PC with this new cylinder concept was possible only for the bravest of modders, determined enough that they would customise their cylindrical trash cans with heavy modding, bending,and cutting, to fit a standard PC Mini ITX mobo and all the other usual PC components.
      Now it’s time for everyone to get their cylinder, [hopefully for a hackintosh], case.

      The Dune Case is here: a Mac Pro case that fits a Mini ITX motherboard. It’s doing well on Kickstarter with many backers for this project. We at InsanelyMac are super interested to see how well it can support standard PC hardware, handle temperature, and how strong and tough it’s built.
      The Dune Case is not made with the usual weak material found in most cases (couple of painted metal sheets), but a solid piece of thick aluminium
      that hides all the sections made for the motherboard, the PSU and a large gaming GPU. It even has routes for cable management, a custom made PCI-Express riser card to reroute the GPU from the mobo to a place in the case where it (amazingly) fits. There’s also a PCB for the front panel with various connectors to attach to USB 3, Ethernet, 2x 3.5mm audio connectors (front speakers+mic), dual DisplayPort or dual HDMI and power.

      The original principal behind Apple’s Mac Pro design is intact: the case is splitting the airflow coming from below to reach the components without dead points. The makers made many tests to ensure optimal temperature with the stock CPU cooler, though it could probably be replaced with a low profile one, but likely not a liquid one.
      It supports up to two 2.5 HDDs or SSDs and only Mini-ITX components, to be clear, even the GPU must be Mini ITX, but today there are many powerful components that can be used to make it a powerful machine that could challenge the genuine Mac Pro, such as the latest Skylake processors and a Mini-ITX GeForce GTX 970.
      We want to underline that even if it’s without any doubt the closest thing to a Mac Pro, it’s clearly not like it. In fact there is no way to install another GPU even if there are some Mini-ITX XEON mobos as the components, even if well placed, probably couldn't fit the original’s specific design, and even if the video cards were small they're still a little bigger than the original.

      But we have to say that the Dune Case is something fresh for the PC case market, and we want to wish the best for their Kickstarter campaign.
      So go check it out and you could be lucky enough to get it cheaper. You don’t want to run out of time!
      We leave you with some cool pictures exclusively shared with us for you to enjoy.

      Download attachment: cable-management.png Download attachment: caselayout.png Download attachment: DSC00046.JPG
      Download attachment: DSC00071.JPG Download attachment: DSC00078.JPG Download attachment: DSC00089.JPG
      Download attachment: DSC00111.JPG Download attachment: DSC00234.JPG Download attachment: frontpanel.png Download attachment: IMG_6561.jpg

      Click here to view the article