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For ASUS P5W-DH owners - Apple bios boot logo


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I was trying to use the apple boot logo (white background, grey apple logo) on my P5W-DH bootlogo (you can flash a bootlogo in a bios file with the Bios Update utility found on your Asus CD), but the white logo with the grey apple was {censored}, because the bootlogo is also showing a white intel logo with black background on the bootlogo, which is not removable.




So I made a black background with a white apple logo for my bios logo,


and I will share it with you, it's in 256 colors, BMP format, which is only usable with the flash utility (check attached file).




If someone has a better one, please share it!





// Updated!

Preconfigured 1602 bios added!



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I added a preconfigured 1602 bios file, with the apple boot logo!

Just make sure your bios settings are right for displaying the bootlogo !


You can flash this bios file, without having to run windows,

just move the bios file to the root of a usb flash drive,

boot up into the bios, and use the flash utility to flash the bios file from your usb flash drive!

If something goes wrong, get a bios file, and copy it to a floppy disk or usb flash drive, and rename it to P5WDH.bios


have fun!

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Here is a similar thread I started. Check it out.


Yeah I saw it, but your way is harder than this one..

And this is only for this specified board.


i have tested it and it works fine.



Thank you!

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There aren't much improvements in 1707, so I skip that one...


changes: Support Intel SpeedStep in Vista

Update JMicron option rom to 1.06.63

Support new CPUs.

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