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Packages in EFI partition

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Hello guys !


I am working on a new project and I need to create a pkg to install files in the EFI partition.

I am using the app called "Packages" but I don't know how to made it mount the EFI of the startup disk, install the files and unmount the partition.
When I create a folder /EFI or /EFIROOTDIR it creates a folder to the start of the disk not in the partition.


If anyone got an idea, even with XCode


Thank you very much

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Posted (edited)

Create a pre-install script that mounts the EFI partition. You could for example take a look at how Clover does it:


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Posted (edited)

Here simple package for Mount EFI

create with pkgbuild command

Simply run Packager.command



# script for create package MountEFI
# by chris1111 
PARENTDIR=$(dirname "$0")
pkgbuild --root ./MountEFIPKG --scripts ./scripts --identifier com.Hackintosh.cloverbootloader --version 1 --install-location / MountEFIPKG.pkg
productbuild --distribution  ./distribution.xml --resources ./Background --package-path ./CloverUEFI.pkg ./MountEFI-PKG.pkg
Sleep 2
rm ./MountEFIPKG.pkg
exit 0




The build package working 10.6 to 10.14



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